Write Articles to Make More Dollars at Home

You can earn money from home by writing articles for other people!  If you have a good command of written English language, why not put those skills to work? There are companies out there that need people to write articles for their websites. People all around the world have websites, correct? How many of those owners have English as their first language? There are many, but there are even more whose primary language is NOT English.


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As a result, they are in need of good article writers to assist them. They may need someone to write an article based on information given by the employer . Perhaps they write their own articles, but need someone proficient in English to proofread and edit them.

You can find potential employers by becoming a member of various forums such as  Warrior Forum, Digital Point, and others. Sign up and advertise your article writing services there. These sites have a large number of members, so you are spreading the word out quickly amongst a lot of people.

It goes without saying that the posts you write on those forums needs to be completely free of spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc. Nothing is worse than a potential employer reading a post where the writer has not even proofed his own work. That employer will remember you all right, but for the wrong reason.

Other sites for you to look at and consider signing up for:



There are lots of sites – just search for “freelance writing” or “article writing” and you will find them.


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