How to Get Paid For Your Content Using Tsu

Have you heard of Tsu? It’s becoming more and more popular, especially amongst people who are already familiar with Twitter. If you already write good content, you will want to learn more about Tsu and maybe sign up.


Join Tsu and Get Paid!


I am already on Tsu and so are some of the people I have referred. Once you sign up, start creating content, whether it is blog posts, guest articles, Tweets, Facebook posts, images or YouTube videos. Work on finding some like minded people that you can follow. Tsu frowns on posting things like “Follow me and I will follow you”. They will actually ban you, if you do this. Discover users who have the same interests as you, share some great content and people will keep following you. You can search using a hashtag eg. #work will bring up all the posts that are about work.

Putting up quality content will go a long way. Putting up engaging content can mean that others will share your posts and then some of THEIR followers can share YOUR post.

Interacting with people who comment on your posts goes a long way to building friendships and business relationships as well. Be thoughtful and provoking.

Will Tsu become as big as Facebook or Twitter? It could. It has that simple bonus that everyone with a website has wanted from social media – Tsu PAYS YOU for what you post. What are you waiting for? Sign up for Tsu and start getting paid for what you do best!


Want to Get Paid for Writing Content?

Do you have a website that you are trying to promote? Do you write often on your blog? Or are you trying to find even more ways to earn some money while you stay home? Working from home has many benefits.

Maybe you have small children. If you go outside of the home to work, you will need to earn enough money for child care. You will also spend money on appropriate work clothing, gas, vehicle maintenance and eating out. Trying to earn money while staying home helps you to be able to raise your own children as well as saving money.

There are many ways you can stay home and still earn money. Read through some of our many posts with lots of great ideas for earning money from home.

Here’s a link over to a great article. Real Ways to Earn Money Online has a great list of 100 websites for you to look over. Each one of them pays for content. So perhaps you know a lot about vehicle maintenance or construction. Check out the list and find a site that wants articles on the niche that you know a lot about.




Also, do yourself a favor and order this book. Darren Rowse is a well known blogger who is also a great teacher. His book ProBlogger Secrets will give you all the information you need to get started.